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The Voice: Battle Rounds Continues

the voice

The battle rounds are almost over and I am counting down for the live shows. Last week, there were a few surprises on who got to stay and who had to go to the house. I really have a love/ hate relationship with the battle rounds because some of the contestants that should stay are sent home and it sometimes seem that the judges lose focus on what is needed to win in the live shows . For example: It is important to have a powerhouse vocalist on the team for live because it makes great television and you are able to do more vocal style wise if they have a large range. I guess we will see this week on the surprise battle rounds on Monday.

Tuesday night show started off with the battle between Austin Ellis and Justin Kaufman sing the feel good anthem, ” Happy” by Pharell.  I was not feeling Austin’s performance and there is just something about Justin’s voice that is  so cool.  My pick was Justin and Team Adam agreed sending Austin home.

My favorite duo Alaska and Madi were put up against Audra  McLaughlin singing the classic , “When will I be Loved” by Linda Ronstandt. I thought the harmonies were great and both showed they should both be kept on the show. This is an example of how the judges don’t pay attention. I thought Blake should have kept Alaska and Madi because it would have left Audra to be picked up by another judge. Duos are hard to steal especially if there is already one on a team.  Team Blake chose Audra  and Alaska and Madi were sent home.

Deja and Music Box were put together for battle. I couldn’t quite understand how the choice was made for this battle. Music Box’s vocals are much stronger that Deja’s and she seemed to have more of a presence in my opinion.  The song chosen for them to sing was, ” Eterntal Flame ” the Bangles. This song played towards Deja’s strengths because it was not a powerful ballad and Music Box performed well but a little too strong for what was needed. Deja was kept by Team Adam and Team Usher stole Music Box for his team.

The pairing of Madilyn  Paige and Tanner James were a winning suggestion for battles. “Everything’s Change” by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran was a genius song for them. These two are from the same place , went to same high school and never met. The chemistry was apparent and it showed on stage.  I thought they both should have been chosen. Madilyn was kept on Team Usher and Tanner was a no go for the other judges.

Another duo to battle  was Dawn and Hawkes against Josh Murley. Another excellent harmonizing performance with the song choice “by Team Adam , “Stuck in the Middle With You ” by Steele Wheel . The three really put on a feel good show. Josh was stolen by Shakira and Dawn and Hawkes lived another day on Team Adam.

Cary Laine and Sam Behymer sung Ed Sheeran’s ” Give Me Love”. It was apparent to me that Cary should have won this one hands down. I was not a fan of Sam’s because I thought she could only sound one way. In her audition, she song “Royals” by Lorde and sounded too similar.  It came down to a matter of taste and Team Adam kept Sam, leaving  Cary to be sent home.

” Everything” by Michael Buble’ was a bland song choice for Noah Lis and Kayleigh Glanton. Neither performance really stood out to me ,but since a choice had to be made, I would have kept Kayleigh because she has a range and different song choice could show what she was really made of. Team Blake kept Kayleigh and Noah was sent home.

The last battle of the evening was Cierra Mickens and Emily B. Both have powerful vocals and showed it during their rendition of ” Brave” by Sara Bareilles.  I was a fan of Cierra when she sung “Crazy ” by Gnarls Barkley . The performance had some mistakes ,but not enough to rule out their places on the stage. Emily B. was the winner of  the round and Cierra was picked up by Team Usher.

Monday Night will be a surprise new twist adding another battle round giving judges one more time to perfect their teams before going live.  Chris Martin from Coldplay will be the surprise mentor as they battle for their places on the live show.

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Scandal Recap: Family Always Stick Together

scandal - for video

Soooo About Last Night.. The Craziest, Mind Blowing, Twisted episode that I have seen thus far and I am still in disbelief how close this game of mind musical chairs has got.

The bratty Grant children make their appearance for an important prime time interview  and they are filled with anger , disrespect and are not feeling doing this interview. Mellie tried to fill Fitz in about what the children have been up to for pleasant conversation.

Olivia and the gladiators are on a mission to bring B6-13 down . Huck warns Olivia this is not something she wants to take on.  Huck wants Olivia to save Quinn before it hits the fan. Olivia tells him that she tried to get his little girlfriend and got a gun pulled on her. Huck decided that he is going to try and save Quinn himself . Huck sends a message to Jake that he wants to see him.

Quinn needs to watch herself because Charlie is a trained to go killer and he is not happy that Huck came to Quinn’s apartment. He  decides that he should move in so she can be protected. Quinn declines the invite .  Charlie offers to kill Huck. Quinn and Charlie has kidnapped Ivan’s  sidekick, Dimetry and they are drilling him for information about Ivan.

Mellie and Andrew are enjoying their secret affair and Olivia catches them. Olivia tells Andrew to stay away from Mellie.  This is where the shift starts and everyone decides to serve Olivia.

Serve #1- Andrew vs. Olivia

Olivia tells Andrew that he can’t mess with the first lady and Andrew tells her people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Everyone is holding a secret and it seems that people are getting really bold with their power. Rowan warns Olivia about snooping around B6-13 affairs and asks her to stop before she gets handled

Karen wants to know why the parents are still together after he has cheated on her. Mellie tries to cover her guilt and tells her that the family is fine.

Momma Pope is trying to find out why  Dimetry has not shown up and Adnan is spooked. Adnan is trying to get out of the deal but Momma Pope tells her don’t even try it.

Olivia looks into why the Grant children are acting so off the chain. Turns out Jerry has been tweeting an anti-Fitz campaign with thousands of followers  and the daughter is mad about her fathers affairs. Olivia tries to talk to the children with minutes counting down to the interview. Karen catches Mellie on her knees with Andrew. Fitz finds out about his son’s anti-Fitz campaign and Karen tells him about Mellie’s affair.

Adnan goes to Olivia for help under the condition that she is granted immunity.  Olivia finds out she is working with her mother and refuses to help. Harrison tells Olivia it would make things even between him and Adnan.  Adnan is granted her wish of immunity. Adnan and Harrison debate about if she would have been loyal, they do the grown folks , she drugs Harrison and get vital information from Olivia’s office and takes it back to Momma Pope.

Fitz summons Jake and demands he returns Dimetry to him. Jake acts like he does not know what he is talking about. Jake tells Fitz that he is not the boss of him and all Fitz job is to look pretty and kiss babies. Cyrus over hears them arguing ,comes in like a crazy person and tries to attack Jake. Jake looks unfazed by the both , offers his condolences about James and leaves. Cyrus tell Fitz what really happen with James.

Serve#2- Momma Pope vs. Oliva

Momma Pope calls Olivia to tell her to mind her own business. Olivia calls her a terrorist . Momma Pope tells her that if she thinks she is family she is wrong. Momma Pope lets her little girl know the reality of the situation, she is nothing but the help and that she would rather be a terrorist. This messes with Olivia’s mind.

Fitz is so pissed that Mellie has been screwing Andrew that he sucker punches him . Fitz tells Mellie she is the reason their marriage is the way that it is. Years ago ,she had claimed she was not sexual anymore and now he believes it is because she may have been screwing Andrew back then. Fitz kept going at Mellie hard , I almost thought she was going to spill the beans about what the father did. Mellie just said ” You have no idea what I have done for you and this family”! In between the heated argument, Olivia tries to jump in and Fitz let’s her have it. Olivia leaves. Cyrus catches her and tells her to go back and fix it because it is her job. Cyrus confirms that they are the help like momma pope said.

Jake sends Quinn  find out what Huck wants. Quinn toys with Huck licking his face, shares a passionate kiss , while trying to find out what is really going on. Charlie  secretly moves in while Quinn was with Huck.

Jake visits Rowan at the Smithsonian. Rowan tells him that he has no one and he is in this thing alone.  Rowan calls Olivia and tells her how B6-13 gets their money and says Families help each other.

Proving that B6-13 knows everything, Jake watches as Adnan gives up the info to Ivan and Momma Pope instead of stopping them he wants to see how it all plays out.

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Scandal Recap: Cyrus Killed The Love of His Life and Olivia wants her Daddy!

scandal - for videoWho did Jake decide to give the bullet to was the question I waited on last Thursday and I was right to suspect it was James, Cyrus’s husband. Thursday’s episode was so emotional that I even felt sorry of Cyrus ‘s blurred lines.

Flashbacks of how James and Cyrus love had blossomed, was the theme as we got to know how the two love birds actually met. Cyrus was not out of the closet and James was the one who made Cyrus comfortable  to do so after his divorce.

Olivia feels the campaign should be suspended out of respect of Jame’s death. Mellie says going forward  would boost his votes in the polls.  Ms Sally has her own agenda, while offering condolences she is planning to blindside Fitz by campaigning for gun laws  after she says she would not.

Momma Pope is pulling the strings with Adnan and pulls a fast one on her, which makes Adnan is feeling uneasy. During a meeting ,Momma Pope kills the middle man and request to speak one on one with her partner. Adnan goes to Harrison for help and finds they were being watched.

I am feeling sorry for Quinn right about now, when Huck finds out that it was her that got the party started. Meanwhile ,Charlie and Quinn are on assignment to get someone to take the blame of James’s death.  David’s conscience is getting the best of him and Jake pays him a visit and let him know that he needs to make it all go away quickly .

Olivia tries to come for Jake after finding out he was the one who killed James and the women. But Jake is not pretend boyfriend Jake , he is command of B6-13. Jake tells her bad things happen to good people all the time and my mouth drops when he tells her she can get it too if she tries him.

Olivia is so rattled that she ask for Rowan to for one minute be her father and not the crazy man she has found he is now. He gives her advice and thought provoking revelations about how things really work. He remembers all of the 183 casualties that he has had during his time in command. Being the hand of God is not an easy feat. He tells her everyone is worth saving.

Team Cellie ( Cyrus and Mellie) convinces Fitz that he should run the banning guns stance because it has hit so close to home twice and it would tug on voter’s heart strings.

Mellie and Nicols debate and end up doing the grown folks on the floor. Huck comes for Quinn, she spits in his face and in a twisted sexy way they share a kiss. Quinn tells him either he kills her or get out. We find out that he is in love with Quinn and my head explodes. Huck tells Olivia that they need to save Quinn.

Abby forces David to confess about what is going on . Olivia tells David that she is on his side and together they can bring down B6-13. Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.

I cried at the end of this episode to see Cyrus lose the love of his life. His obsession with power I think is going to fuel Cyrus even more and I can’t wait to watch!

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The Battle Rounds : Surprises and Disappointments

the voiceWell, This is my favorite part of the The Voice, The Battle Rounds. During this time, the judges find out what their team really consists of. It shows who really want to be the last man or woman standing and also shows what judge paid attention while building their armies.

Monday night started with the pairing of Biff Gore and TJ Wilkins from Team Usher. This Year, Usher has teamed with Jill Scott to mentor his team. I love the way that Usher coaches his team. The song choice for them was Ain’t too Proud to Beg by The Temptations.  I really didn’t care for the song choice because I think the choices should be geared to showcase the vocal talents of each. The song was kind of bland and geared more towards Biff’s style and I could see  more of Biff’s showmanship compared to TJ’s style. I would have kept Biff, but in the end Usher chose TJ and Biff was stolen by Blake.

Jake Worthington was paired with Lexy Luca  for Team Blake and they were mentored by The Band Perry. It Goes Like This By Thomas Rhett was a song chosen by Blake. I thought the song was too mature for the both of them. I think that they could have sung a song that was from maybe Taylor Swift or Scottie McCleary. Lexy was so nervous that it showed how uncomfortable she was. Jake knocked it out of the park and let it be known why his second chance was his best chance.  Adam gave the compliment that he could possibly win The Voice. I was in agreement with Jake being kept and Lexi sent to the house.

Team Shakira came out swinging with the pairing of Dani Moz and Deshawn Washington.  They had Miranda Lambert as their mentor and the song  I love by Emeili Sande called My Kind of Love. They did amazing! It was a great song choice for their range and I thought it was the best battle choice by Shakira. They both deserved to be on the show. I chose  Dani because of her range and someone should have stolen DeShawn because he was good and had strength in his voice. Shakira chose Dani and DeShawn was sent home.

Aloe Black was the mentor for Team Adam. He is known for the song Wake Me Up. Adam’s pick for battle were Kat Perkins and Patrick Thompson and I was a little concerned because of Kat’s vocals possibly over powering Patrick’s . The song Whenever I Call You Friend by Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks was a good duet for them. I loved the contrast of their voices. I agreed with the choice Kat for her range and Patrick was stolen to Team Shakira.

The worst pairing or the night was Sisaundra Lewis and Paula Deanda for Team Blake .Why would they pair someone who has powerful vocals against someone who is know for pop songs with no real range to them? I saw this disaster coming but  was pleasantly surprised that Paula held her own, although I was not a fan after her blind audition.  The song was Lady GaGa’s Do What You Want With My Body.  Paula possible could have staid if she was paired with Lexy Luca instead. I chose Sisaundra because of her being seasoned and I think you need power vocals at the end .

The last battle of the night was Jake Barker and Stevie Jo for Team Usher. Stevie Winwood’s Higher Love was a great song for the both of them. They were comfortable and Adam assured them that no one would be going home. I would have chose Jake because of the comparison to Justin Timberlake’s style. Stevie Jo was kept on Team Usher and Jake went to Team Adam.

I am really excited to see what Monday will bring. Make sure you find me on Twitter @AngelaYvonne

I’ll be Singing You!

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Scandal Recap: Who Shot Ya? Jake the Janitor Cleans up the Mess!

scandal - for videoThursday night’s episode left me in such dismay that my brain is still trying not to explode.  The truth shall set you free, no more pretending and every one is a murderer was the theme of this episode. Let’s get into it.

When the episode opens up, it is focused on Jake convincing himself of the payoff of taking over B6-13.

Leo is at his wits end dealing with Sally and her guilty conscience, so he calls in  her family Reverend to speak to Sally so she can get back to business.

Olivia tells Cyrus that she knows about Daniel Douglas’s death and breaks into a hysterical laugh thinking about the craziness of all the people she is trying to save are all murderers. Olivia tells Cyrus she won’t be involved in his shenanigans anymore and he is on his own.

Lucifer, I mean Cyrus is not happy about it and you know it’s about to go down.

Jake puts Quinn on desk patrol so he can keep his eyes on her.  She is not happy and tells him that it not worth it if it’s about Olivia asking him to watch her.

Rowan meets with Leo and tells him to get Sally together. He draws Leo in by tempting him  with all of the power he can have if Sally doesn’t mess it up. He also let’s Leo know it not up for negotiation if it’s not done, he will be fired ie. dead.

Jake tells Olivia that they can run away to a place that no one can find them just say the word. Olivia is stressed about the campaign being tainted again and not wanting to be part of it . They pretend that Jake is her real boyfriend and he actually sells paper for a living.

Ms. Sally decided that she needed to repent to the Reverend. Leo breathes a sigh of relief, thinking they are out of the tunnel. Sally lets him know that was not good enough and that she is going to tell what she did to come clean to the world, so God can talk to her again.

Leo tells Cyrus either move the debate up or cancel it. Cyrus says no you can’t and Leo says I think you might want to if you don’t want to go to jail.

Cyrus calls Charlie for a job. Jake has put him on lock so he can’t do anymore favors for Cyrus.  Cyrus meets up with Jake and tells him to get rid of Ms. Sally. Jake lets him know that B6-13 is not his personal janitorial service. Cyrus tells him the consequences of what will happen if Jake does not do anything.

The Devil at My door is my last temptation is what Sally says when Olivia comes to visit. Olivia tells Sally that her secret has been found out. Sally is not phased and still wants to repent to the world.

Olivia calls Fitz and asks him to throw the debate. She lets him know that Mellie and Cyrus had something to do with the Daniel Douglas murder. Fitz refuses to throw debate.

Jake gives Quinn an assignment to break into Olivia’s office and get information that Olivia is hiding.

The night of the debate, Fitz goes for the jugular with Sally. Jake looks over the information that Quinn gets for him. He finds out the James is Publis among other things. He puts a hit on Sally to be killed if she confesses. Sally snaps out of her deliriousness just in time and she is left to live another day.

Leo hears a buzzing in Cyrus’s office. Cyrus finds the planted microphone that James put into a picture frame. James comes home and get a text from David to meet. Cyrus confronts James and tells him he understood why he did it and he knows he is Publis. he says no matter what happens he loves him.

David is at a location with Vanessa and the woman who declared Daniel Douglas death. James tells David that he does not want to out Cyrus anymore and he was just mad. Now that he got his apology, he is over it. James was wary of the meeting, speaking to David about  the text he got. David tells him that he did not contact him, realizes it is a set up and shots are fired killing both women.

Jake is the the shooter , fires one more shot and  scene.

Whew, Who do you think caught the bullet?

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The Voice Blind Auditions are Over and Who I predict will be in the TOP Twelve.

the voice The thing about the blinds is that you have to sometimes sit through the fluff in order to get to the good part.  I  was hoping to see this season nothing but the best to make it more exciting , but I guess you have to have some that are less seasoned in order to have a show. Can you imagine if each judge chose teams of real seasoned vocalists, it would be so amazing.   Anyway, so Monday and Tuesday were the last days of the blind auditions before they get to my favorite part the Battle Rounds .

But first lets see who got the remainder spots:

I was late so I came in at the end and saw that Kat Perkins was chosen for Team Adam.

What I did see:

Paula Deanda tried her luck again to be a pop singer. She had already experienced the joy of a record contract. She has heard her songs on the radio.She sunged I love the way by Ariana Grande, got two chairs and chose Team Blake. Her saving grace was the high notes she hit but the overall performance I was not impressed. Verdict:  Just because you had a record contract does not mean you can sing.  Won’t make it past battle rounds.

Jake Baker had really bad stage fright and had never performed live at all. For this being his first time, I was impressed with his song choice of when I was your man by Bruno Mars. He is a soulful singer and he should do well on Team Usher. Verdict : If he pays attention and focus he could be in the top twelve.

Ria Eaton came out with her choice of Cups by Anna Kendricks. I loved her voice , she has range and her performance was good. Verdict: She is going to have to work for the battle rounds. 

Cierra Mickens was one of my favorite because she sung one of the coolest songs Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. She received a two turn but chose Team Shakira. I really hope that she choses the right songs because  Verdict: I know she can make top twelve easy but top 5 will be a challenge. I am going to have to see how she does during battle rounds to get me off the fence.

Alaska and Madi came from the same background as Blake early on in his career, actually winning the same competition that he did. Recently dealing with the challenge of staying as a group, The Voice was the deciding factor. Choosing the song Barton Hollow, although I was not familiar, their harmonies were amazing. I  think they could sing separately if the chose. Verdict: I think they will make top five.

Ddendyl was a disappointment to me because her back story told of this magnificent range she had but her song choice showed none. She chose a jazzy version of Stand by Me which Team Shakira did not have to battle for because she was the only judge to turn. Verdict: She better show the range if she wants to make it through the battle rounds

Josh Kaufman wowed the judges with a George Michael’s classic, One More Try. I loved it. He got a four chair turn and Team Adam scooped him up. Verdict: Definite top twelve, possible five.

Kaleigh Glanton came out swinging with Have You Seen the Rain, got a four chair turn. I don’t think it was a four chair worthy performance. I think they were impressed by song choice. Verdict: May not make through battle rounds.

Britnee Camelle sung Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper which is a great song. She had the look and the range. Team Usher got her. Verdict:  Easy top twelve, possibleTop 5

Lyndsay Bruce sung If He Breaks Your Heart. She was ok.  She will definitely need some coaching. Team Shakira got her but she belongs on Team Blake. Verdict: I don’t think she is strong enough to win battle rounds.

So all the teams are full and the battle begins Here are my Top Twelve predictions.

Top Twelve: In No Particular Order:

1. Emily B

2. Dani Moz

3. Delvin Choice

4. Clarissa Serna

5. Sisaundra Lewis

6. Christina Grimmie

7. Brittnee Camelle

8.Joshua Howard

9. Cierra Mickens

10. Josh Kauffman

11.Alaska and Madi

12. Megan Ruger

It may change because of the singers we did not get to see. but right now these are the ones I see so far. Tell me which ones you see as top twelve possible top five. Tweet Me @AngelaYvonne

See you next Monday!

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